At Team River Runner, we teach, we encourage, we laugh and we learn. If you want to give something back to the military veterans who have served our country or assist disabled members of the local community, please consider donating your time to this worthy cause.

As a TRR volunteer, you will give individuals an opportunity to heal from profound psychological and physical wounds by exploring the challenges of kayaking and other paddle sports. For those recently injured, kayaking may be the first NEW skill they have a chance to learn, as opposed to re-learning a previously known expert skill. Our paddlers, by choosing a positive life in the face of great disadvantages, will subtly and quietly change the lives of those they come in contact with, on and off the water, for the rest of their lives. This includes you!

TRR volunteers are selected based on skills and ability to bring ‘value-added’ to the team. Volunteer skills can be organizational, outreach, clinical and operational. We also value those with kayak instruction experience, have their own boat/equipment and be willing to help carry additional boats/equipment for new participants. Our staff-volunteers should be willing to commit to attending most sessions, help teach, wrangle/haul boats, greet new members, administer (yes, there is paperwork), coordinate outreach, take pictures or just offer another set of supportive eyes on the water.  It does not require a great deal of time.

Call or send us an email to apply for a position on our team!

Thank you!

Jim Riley – TRR Site Coordinator