TRR Chapter Documents

RESMARK – SEPA COVID-19 CONTACT INFO (electronic signature)
RESMARK – SEPA Liability + Media Release (electronic signature)
TRR SEPA Contact Info & Liability/Media Release Form – 2018
TRR SE PA Event Sign-Up Sheet  (for people wishing to be placed on contact list)
Disabled Sports, USA Incident Reporting Form

Paddler Essential Eligibility Criteria
TRR Testimonial Permission Form
TRR Equipment Transfer Agreement

TRR Staff and Volunteer Conduct Policy
TRR PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress) Training
TRR TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) Training
TRR Adaptive Paddling Primer

Meeting the Needs of Veterans with PSTD and TBI
We See A Future of Adventure – Joe Mornini
TRR Visual Impairment Guide Videos

TRR Kayakers For Good Program
River Reps by Dave
DIY Paddle Carrier

Safety On and Off the River (TRR Leadership Conf. 2015) Handout
Safety On and Off the River (TRR Leadership Conf. 2015) Presentation (PDF)
TRR Incident Response Plan (C. Duffy – June 2018)
TRR Suitable First Aid (C. Duffy – July 2018)
TRR Signals (C.Duffy – July 2021)
PFD/Boat Kit (C.Duffy – Sept 2021)
ACA Life Jackets Float video
Whitewater Trip Tips
Chapter Annual Equipment Maintenance

What To Bring
Lesson Levels – Pool
Lesson Levels – River
River Features (self guided) Tutorial
TRR SE PA – 1st Adaptive Pool Session Format
Pathway to Paddler and Instructor Endorsements Handbook – 2015

Introduction to Whitewater Kayak  – Class Outline

ACA Life Jackets Float video
Video: Whitewater Troubleshooter – Personal Equipment Video
Whitewater Troubleshooter – Stroke Concepts Video
River Features Tutorial for Paddlers – PDF
Video: Wet Exit

Video: Eddy Turn
Video: Peel Out
Video: Ferry
The Kayak Roll Part 1 of 3
The Kayak Roll Part 2 of 3
The Kayak Roll Part 3 of 3

Whitewater Kayak Instructional Videos
Shoulder Exercises
Yoga for Kayaking – Andria Davis
Rolling Is Mostly Mental – Mike Aronoff
Rolling – How To (Chris Wing)
Teaching To Roll, or Rolling To Teach – Rusty Cooper
Rolling Instruction (Stephen Wright method)
Whitewater Troubleshooter – Rolling  (YouTube)
Whitewater Troubleshooter – Stroke Concepts (YouTube)
ACA:Teaching Tips for Kayaking – Robin Pope
ACA:Learning Styles – Jayson Seaman
Kayaking Games- Janet Burnett Cowie
R3:Rescue for River Runners (12 video episodes)
Paddle like a guy – Embracing Your Inner Dumbass
Paddle Like A Girl
Redefining Good: How Moving the Goal Post Can Improve Your Paddling
How To Choose A Whitewater Kayak
American Whitewater – Basic River Safety

Warrior Yoga – YouTube Video Series by Deborah Greenspan and Sara Erlbaum
Warrior Yoga – Montco College – Fall 2015 Flyer
RewiredYoga Intro
RewiredYoga WarmUp
RewiredYoga YogaFlow

TRR-N OJT (On Job Training) Program

TRR Kayak Football Rules v 2.0
8 Basic Rules of Kayak Football

TRR SE PA Trifold Brochure (01/17)
TRR SE PA Info and Donation Request 2016 (Word)
Why Kayak?  (JPG)
Veteran Resource Expo Poster (JPG)
TRR SE PA Poster
TRR SE PA Poster – Large (11×17)
TRR SE PA Logo – stickers non oval
TRR SE PA Stickers – 3in x 4.5in
TRR SE PA Presentation (ppt file) 2/15
TRR SE PA Testimonial Tom D 12/15
TRR SE PA Donate Your Gear  JPG 08/15

FAQ for TRR Chapter Startups
New Chapter Volunteer Orientation Outline