TRR Adaptive Resources

Training Aids

TRR PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress) Training
TRR TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) Training
TRR Adaptive Paddling Primer

Meeting the Needs of Veterans with PSTD and TBI
Special Olympics Kayaking – Coaching Guide (see Teaching section)
Adaptive Paddling Suggestions by Symptom
Wheelchair Transfer to Kayak Methods
PVC Seat Back Adaptation
HandiHelp – Adaptive equipment and simple/inexpensive ideas
TRR Adaptive Training Resources
TRS, Inc. Adaptive Paddling Equipment
Creating Ability Products
Kevin Carr / Creating Ability Info


Aaron Howell demonstrates outfitting for bilateral amputee and paddle adaptations

Lonnie Bedwell introducing gear for blind / visually impaired kayakers

Kevin Carr of CreatingAbility works with Taylor Morris (Navy EOD, wounded in Afghanistan), putting him in a whitewater kayak with adaptive outfitting.